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· URL: zutona

·Name: Alba Viviana

·Nickname: zutona

·Birthday: 20th July

·Gender: female

·Sexuality: Straight

·Height: 6’7

·Time Zone: GMT -6 

·What Time and Date It Is: 18:35 p.m 16th October

·Avg. Hours Of Sleep: 5-6

·OTPs: Aragorn & Arwen

·Last Thing I Googled: OTP

·First Word That Comes To Mind: Underdog (yup, I’m listening to Kasabian)

·Last Thing I Said To My Parents: “Wanna watch Netflix with me?”

·One Place That Makes Me Happy And Why: Home, I can do anything and be my true self.

·How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: 0,1,2 it depends of the weather obviously, but even if it’s hot as hell I still want my feet under a blanket… otherwise I got paranoid lel 

·Last Movie I Watched: Juno

·3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Internet, people I love, aaand Music ^o^

·Something I Plan On Learning: Driving

·A Piece Of Advice For My Followers: Choose wisely and don’t rush things up.

And I’m tagging: strungoutonhate, lonerismboy, danmasonman, darqem, darkuniicorn